Will You Still Need Me? Will You Still Feed Me? When I Am 64!

Remember those lyrics by Paul McCartney?  Well Paul, is now 64, and so are those of us who remember the song.   Looking back, did you ever think it would be you he was singing about? Thinking ahead 20, 30, even 40 years with what tomorrow will bring, is not easy for anyone. And now that our time has come to retire, are we where we thought we would be?  If you are 60 and not ready, don’t fret.  You still have options.  60 is the new 40; chances may be high that you STILL have another 20, 30 or even, dare I say, 40 years ahead of you!  If so, what’s it look like?

Social Security alone probably won’t cut it, unless you are debt free:  so, are you debt free?  And if so, is Social Security enough to let you travel, see your children and grandchildren, help them if need be, or will they be helping you?  Is your pension what you expected, if it is still there at all?  Who should we depend on?  The government?  What if you could impact your own income now for today and tomorrow? Wouldn’t you rather be incontrol of your own destiny?  Isn’t that what Paul McCartney really meant in that song?

We have helped many, many retirees and potential retirees to retire without compromising quality of life by adding extra income from home.   With total flexibility, but working with the same work ethic we have been brought up with, we are adding hundreds and even thousands of dollars a month onto our current monthly income by working together as a group of like-minded boomers.
But working from home may not be for you, so you need to answer some questions in your own mind:

  1. Are you able to be self motivated?  Can you get up in the morning (when you want to, by the way) and work for several hours on your own, with no one prodding you to do so?
  2. Are you goal minded?  Can you set a goal for yourself and then be accountable to yourself to make it happen if someone gives you the guidance to get it started?
  3. Do you have a burning desire to really change things in your life for the better and be willing to sacrifice some time in the short term to make a difference over the longer term?
  4. Are you a person who looks at life “half empty” or “half full”?  In other words, are you a positive thinker/doer  who likes to be around other positive people?
  5. Are you often seeking to improve yourself, learn new things, and generally grow?

Having a side business/or home endeavor of some kind, requires these attributes to be successful, and as important, to enjoy the journey as you spend time developing your Plan B.  Think through those mental issues, as you seek change and move into a re-invention, instead of a  retirement phase of your life.

HopeforBabyBoomers® is the leading work at home business team for the Baby Boomer Generation. We are a group of diverse people 50+ all over the world working together to create financial freedom and a better quality of life for our families.

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By Sue Pritchard and Helen Copley, HopeForBabyBoomers.com

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